Come on you never heard of the Anti Chaminade meetings at people homes before decisions are made. Promises that little Johnny will be brought up to Varsity if he stays at GC fully aware that once the school year starts the kid is stuck because you can not transfer into Chaminade. Coaches telling the parents how important their kid is to the program. That is why the other kid is at ST Anthonys.

Quick question, If you have a kid in GC and you don;t send him to the Coaches winter "optional" workouts at the center and you want to use your own personal guy and you play for another summer team in 7th 8th 9th grade what are the chances you will even make the team in GC and if you are from GC you will know exactly what I am talking about. Also what is the cost of these programs and who is running them. Maverick my -ss