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[quote=Anonymous]BECAUSE THEY WON'T LET YOU!!!!! Think about GC like Hogwarts - you have the Purebloods (born and raised in GC) now most of them are Slytherin but some are nice good people like Harry Potter so he ends up in Gryfindor (but the majority end up in Slytherin). If you are a Half Blood (maybe your spouse was born in GC) then you get invited some events but if it is your wife - you can't be a lax coach etc. your not allowed! Now once in a while, a Muggle comes along who turns out to be a great wizard like Hermoine. In this case maybe you're from Rockville Centre, Manhassat etc. you may have played college lacrosse, maybe even at a major DI program! In that case, you might be allowed to be an assistant coach but usually only in 2nd,3rd or 4th grade (or a girl's team) because the Pureblood(Slytherins) don't want any half-bloods or muggles messing with the way GC has been doing things since the glory days of Doc. Now if your son happens to be a superstar quidditch (or lacrosse) player he will play regardless for sure but, if he is on the cusp - Draco Malfoy gets the nod 9 times out of 10 and he is usually the one who ends up in the burning room (across from the AD)at the end the end of the story and his parents have to come and take him home...I hope this helps.[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]

Get off the pipe my friend...

The comparisons for GC to Harry Potter, is a little weird for my taste, but it is spot on.