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How is the coach in the wrong. The uniforms are distributed as usual before and after games. So it's now the coaches fault that the High School aged boys forgot their cloths to change into. Come on. Stop being so sensitive.

Sensitive???? So kids should go home in their underwear????? How about this "adult", when realizing that some kids didn't have a change of clothes, told them "OK, take the unis home but bring them back at the next practice or I'm running you all day. You forget the uni, you're running". That's how it should have been handled, not tough, you're going home in your skivvies. Sensitive? Unreal.

As someone in the know said kids decided on their own to not change get into their cloths and wear just underwear. How did the kids get to game. Must have just worn underwear. Please stop posting anonymously so people know who has the axe to grind. No one can Coach in this day and age without getting crushed for everything they do. Guess it's the coaches fault kids didn't have cloths to change into.

No, you are misunderstanding. THe uniforms were given out ahead of time, it was a school vacation, the boys left their homes that morning, heading to school for the game, WEARING the uniforms. They did not know they were going to have to turn them in right after bus returned to school.

Those that coincidentally had clothes changed into them. Others tried to make light of the embarrasment and just ran to their ride home's vehicles.