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Yeah b/c the PW parents were not a factor in TR leaving for HHH. Worry about your own town. SYO will take care of itself. That emergency meeting you mentioned had 100% player and parent attendance in full support of JC. If you knew what you were talking about you would know that the issue with boys after the StAnts game was raised by another faculty member not a parent. Division in program is no different than any other on the island so until PW gets its get program in order and until PW beats SYO on the field shut ur pie hole.

The meeting at the bar had kids. Don't think so. You know the one with all the accusations flying around. As for the middle school not feeding the High School program what planet do you live on? Ohh wait you live in Syosset the land of make believe. I don't know anything about why the previous coach left and won't even mention him. You make it sound like you are playing. The kids are and they aren't on here talking crap. You and some disgruntled 8th grade parent from Port who thinks his kids is going to be playing varsity in 9th grade are. Who thinks airing out BS on here will get him somewhere.