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[quote=Anonymous]It is funny how Syosset pumps their chest on this site. In the last ten years what have they won? Two trips Upstate....

2015- Syosset LI Champ
2014- Massapequa State Champs
2013- WM State Champs
2012- WI State Champs
2011- Farmingdale State Champs
2010- WI State Champs
2009- WI State Champs
2008- Syosset LI Championship
2007- WI State Champs
2006- WI State Champs

4 Nassau County Championships in 10 years and in those years lost out to eventual state champs and twice to the Lacrosse Dynasty of the past decade. Haters will hate no matter who or what because you are bitter about something.

In the past 10 years (10 years is a long time ago) only 5 teams have won multiple county championships.

West Islip - 7
Syosset - 4
Massapequa - 3
Smithtown E - 2
Farmingdale - 2

In the past 4 years ( a little more relevant) only 3 teams have won multiple county championships.

Syosset - 2
Smithtown E - 2
Massapequa - 2
* WI has 2 in the past 5 years*

In the past 3 years only 2 teams have won multiple championships.

Massapequa - 2
Smithtown E - 2

The past 2 years only 1 team has done it.

Smithtown E. - 2

Can Smithtown East make it 3 in a row? who has the best chance to knock them off?

Will Syosset be able to repeat? Who is the odds on favorite to knock them off.

Can Farmingdale or West Islip get back on top?

Don't you have something better to do???

That snide question from a guy trolling this site? What didn't you like about his post? Is it that he didn't attack anyone?

[lacrosse] off troll, go back under your rock you. I guess your team will not be competing for a championship this year. You are a [lacrosse].