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Just my opinion and curious as to who agrees. If a freshman is good enough to make Varsity I hope he is given a fair shake. If he is better then a junior or senior and has been putting in the effort over the years and outplays others he shouldn't be held back..its varsity lacrosse and the best should be the ones to play and not be grade based. So you would hope coaches don't make that mistake and give in to pressure from older kids parents

I am going thru this right now, my son is a 9th grader and has been told he will start varsity this year. He has been working out with them last summer, fall and this winter. It seems like most of the kids are ok with him playing, but it seems the parents are the ones who have the problem. I will be sitting at the opposite side of the bleachers during each game. I really don't want to listen to the comments the parents have. in travel I hide in the corner so I don't have to listen to the crazy parents and now I have the same problem with High School