Maybe 1 or 2 parents dont like the HC..You know why..Because the parents think their little angel is a good lax player when he really suks and sits on the bench...Please stop going after the HC and worry about your own family. Im sure you are one of the parents that say their kid never did anything wrong and put the blame on other people because you are a crappy parent....Maybe if you stop babying your kid he will go to a good college and get a good job one day...You babying him will only lead to him back to his HS bedroom after college living with YOU. I know what you guys can can drink beers together watching lax on TV saying that shouldve been my son on TV but my coach never played my son because he didnt know what he was doing...BLAH BLAH BLAH..Stop the crying and deal that your son stinks...If you dont like HS lax go to a club team..The coach will blow you and your son because he is getting PAID