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Where can I find the stats?

Section x1

I am not positive but I don't believe Sect Xi collects/distributes the stats. Newsday or MSGV posts the results called into them and sometimes those are incorrect or have discrepancies in spelling name from week to week. I have found both site have differing stats so I am not sure which to go by. So I don't fixate on the number just who is where.

Personally I don't think it so bad to look at stats and dream of AA. At 15/16 that is the stuff you dream of. Dare to dream I say. If you are a leader in a talented county such as Suffolk/Nassua why not?. Especially if your team will not make or go deep into the playoffs. Sure stats aren't everything. The better teams probably have depth and a balanced attack of offensive players and some of those players don't even see or get to be on the 1% of the leader board but trust me they are known. Just as those leading badass defenders!

but those on the top team and in the top part of the leader board, you definitely deserve those accolades.

Dare to dream.