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Not a single answer to the basic question, where does your HS rank? Typical, end the jealousy now and move on kids, this argument is over.

Smithtown school district, St. James to be exact, which is HS East. Nice house, plenty of property, NO CROWDS, great school district (both academics and athletics, good music program too). Pleasant people and a small town feel, lots of open space, vineyards, farms and trees. A bit of heaven here on LI to be honest. Oh yeah, doesn't mean as much to us out here but you seem to use it a a measurement so I'll mention it, plenty of big expensive houses out here too. Waterfront, riverfront, you name it. So while it may not be ranked as high on a magazine's list (embarrassing that you are using that but I'll stick with your narrative), it CERTAINLY provides a much more well rounded area to raise a family. But you go on enjoying your little patch of land in Queens and your once great district, we'll keep progressing out here on the north shore of Suffolk, truly living the good life.