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since our upstate friend doesn't think there are 50 top quality teams on Long Island, I will name my top 50. Im sure most of you will agree with most of my teams.
In no specific order at all.......
1- Syosset
2- Pequa
3- Farmingdale
4- Port Washington
5- Oceanside
6- Manhasset
7- Lynbrook
8- Garden City
9- Bethpage
10- South Side
11- Wantagh
12- North Shore
13- Hewlett
14- Carey
15- Cold Spring Harbor
16- Locust Valley
17- Seaford
18- Long Beach

19- Smithtown E
20- Smithtown W
21- SWR
22- Connetquot
23- Ward Melville
24- West Islip
25- Comsewoque
26- BBP
27- Sayville
28- Commack
29- Sachem E
30- Sachem N
31- Northport
32- ESM
33- Babylon
34- Half Hollow E
35- Half Hollow W
36- Rocky Pt
37- Miller Place
38- Harborfields
39- Huntingtown
40- Riverhead
41- Hauppauge
42- Mount Sinai
43- Whitman
44- Bay Shore
45- Islip

Catholic LI:
46- St Anthonys
47- Chaminade
48- St Doms
49- Kellenberg
50- St Johns Bap.

I think those some stong Lax schools....we don't "Need" to go anywhere. More tourneys are played on LI then anywhere else. Why ?

Ok thats a good list. The TOP 20 teams out of that list can go out and compete anywhere with anyone, the rest? Not so much. Ask HHW what happened when they played Calvert Hall this year. Only St.A and Chaminade went off LI this year and competed well. As for tournaments, I can only say that yes there are a ton of tourneys played here in the summer, but I would also venture to say that 3/4 of them are a straight money grab and a straight waste of time.

And the level of quality of the teams willing to suffer the traffic and travel to play 2nd level lax where absolutely zero college coaches show up to watch is no incentive to come to the money grab Long Island " tournaments". Bring your best Long Island HS summer town teams to the likes of Crabfest or Adrenaline cup for example and watch how quickly they are taken out in the first round summer after summer. Club teams love it as they are an easy win to the next round.

Thats very funny, It's the long island teams that win those tournaments, even playing against your 19 year old seniors!

Funny in that you don't comprehend or process what was written. Long Island CLUB TEAMS win those tournaments. Proving the point that HS town teams cannot compete. Even the top Long Island club teams are reluctant to play in the 2nd level Island tournaments. HS town club teams cannot even win these 2nd level tournaments against weaker club teams.

So then; what is ruining the progress of the town lax team? I'm glad you asked; cloistered town club teams with players afraid to step off of the reservation and dip a toe into the higher level club scene out of fear from the town coaches who will possibly punish them during regular season school lax. That's a good start as to what is trying to ruin the growth of the sport. The conflict of interest is clear to see; yet fear of reprisals keep them corralled with stunted tournament growth as a team and as individual players.