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Come on man. Lots of replays for the playoffs. Me, I think that is crazy why not have teams that didn't play each other go against one another.

You have 3 teams in the playoff that Commack and Whitman didnt play and you have them playing each other again in the first round.

Glad to see Norhtport in but confused by that. I agree about the Power points but they have a losing record I thought you had to at least go .500? 6-8 in league?

Is it really a good thing to have Smithtown West play West Islip again if they potentially win (big If). Wouldn't it be better to see them play Ward Melville since we all think a 3-1 score in lax was to surreal. Sarcasm alert, they play Ward Melville first if they win then if the win again play West Islip - all who they played already.

Okay same logic HHE and Quot again, as usual someone is not doing their jobs. Seriously.

Smithtown East has it easy and should make a run; potentially being rested for the finals and that should prove the difference.

Northport, Smith West, Ward Melville, will beat each other up.

Power Points gets you in but reseed, Just like the State run. The Sections all get in but reseed lets get the best playoffs possible.

Can't be subjective. It's straight numbers. Not for your personal entertainment. Sorry if you have seen that game before!

And no one played 14 league games. Get some facts before you get all long winded on here!

Not sure where you are coming from: I am discussing Sect X1 A schools I thought I had the facts. Correct me then.

I could be wrong and things could have changed, but I was lead to believe the teams were supposed to achieve (7) in Conference/Divisional wins to qualify for the post season. I also thought I was correct in that all XI teams were supposed to play 14 league games. If (14) wasn't the mandated number the teams would have played a heavier non conference schedule. A major criticism from many top teams across the East coast.

Now I'll agree with you that things shouldn't be subjective, but do you know how the power points are calculated. Objectivity would say a straight record gets you in. Subjectivity tells me a power point system gets a team in over record. Then lets not forget the threshold of wins that need to be achieved.

In life if a standard has little merit (and in itself is subjective in nature) how much objectivity do you really think you're experiencing.