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Scott Craig is an excellent coach and he certainly gets a lot out of his players. He has 5 rings and numerous Suffolk County Championships to show for his legendary career. This years version of the team has been winning a lot of close games and like all the other top teams in Suffolk I think they can beat and lose to anyone on any given day. Ill say this, in a one game scenario Ill take Scott Craig over any coach in Suffolk or Nassau hands down.
I will give you my opinion on why West Islip varsity programs do well on both the boys and the girls side. Both varsity coaches live in West Islip their kids go to West Islip. They are very invested in the PAL programs within the town. I can't speak for coaches of other varsity teams, but I would imagine that they live outside the school district where they coach. Therefore are probably invested in the PAL programs within their own town. So these coaches in West Islip know these kids from the time the five years old and they build a very strong personal program