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I have to disagree cause you know as well as I know the game is based on the middies getting the ball to the attack. That is just so not right. Did you were at the game, if so what we're you watching. I know their are let's just say two more middies that can get a run in even if it's for a minute or two that would not have hurt the team by going out to give a kid a rest. That's a coaches decision. Making bad plays on D and not winning face offs doesn't help. I'm knocking anyone so let's not go their. I would bet their are kids on a varsity team that are not starters that are better then some starters. It happens not just in farmingdale but all over. Be real. They played hard on both ends but you can't tell me that getting kids rest during a game is not good especially when it is hot out like it was.

When I hear about the temperature and rest I think a mom here. A coach plays his best kids, period. Parents don't watch practice. When "Johnny" never picks the ball up, plays bad defense, doesn't remember the plays, drops the ball, shoots it 10 feet over the net, or any other number of things that make a coach lose confidence in putting him out there in a big game. Parents have that PAL mentality. Just put him out there, if for nothing else to give the stars a rest. Doesn't work that way. You live and die with the players that consistently perform. Regardless of weather. I recognize that parents only focus on their own kid. But coaches don't. There is enough to manage during the course of the game without worrying about getting in my 4th or 5th best midfielder to give someone a rest. Just sayin.