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WM not in the top 20 was not a snub i/m/o-my kid is on that team. The last few years they graduated several all Americans. Those kids were incredible, but now is the time for others to shine-or not...we will see if the team can play as a team and not just a team supporting a couple of all Americans.

Like previous poster said, Suffolk will be a really interesting year because all of the top teams are playing each other. So, northport, sme, smw, sachem N, connetquot and even Commack all have legitimate shot to beat each other up during the regular season (if I didn't mention your school, no disrespect, the teams i listed are the one's I am aware of, others may be just as strong).

I suspect that there will be no undefeated teams in Suffolk this year-which is great for parents watching the games, but probably not great for these rankings...so unlike other poster's opinion, I would not expect three teams in suffolk to be ranked in the top ten (perhaps top 20).

either way, I for one am looking forward to this season as compared to last season. Last season had only a few good games all year until playoffs. This year, all the big lax schools play competitive schedules with very few blow out games...

good luck to all your boys and their schools.


Not only that, but the WM makes no mention of West Islip. That's messed up.

Every year we hear the same nonsense. Every year we hear how tough the league is and how any number of teams could win it. The reality is that every year there are only 2, 3 or 4 teams who can win it. That is not a knock it's the same in all of the leagues on the island.