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Massapequa walked all over Baldwin. It was over in the first 5 mins. too many lopsided games in this bracket. Makes no sense. Looking forward to Chaminade on Thursday and Syosset and Farmingdale next week.

We need a super league like the girls have. They don't have BS games like this.

Terrible idea. So the best Long Island teams will have a very slim chance to win NYS. The conferences will be won by weak teams who will get crushed in states. The super league winner will be gassed from a ridiculously hard schedule. Result.......no states for Long Island. Leave well enough alone.

The super league would only be for regular season, all teams return to the correct division for playoffs and all teams in the super conference make the playoffs regardless of record in league play, great idea and better for everybody involved.

it is a great idea in theory but a team like the 2015 Connetquot isn't in a super series in 2015 but should be (since their last 4 games in 2014 were all 1 pt loses).

If you had it in 2016 A 2 teams within the grouping of Floyd, Lindy, North Bab, Pat Med or Middle Country might make the playoff due to record, but a team like HHHW Walt Whitman or Bay Shore wouldn't because they would be in the super serious and lose most if not all games and not have enough points but are clearly better than the lower tier grouping.

I think the scheduling this year wasn't so bad, don't think the super series would really change much.

I do think the NY state championships need to change. Postpone the LI championship game until after the playoffs or if they are the last two standing the NY State game is the game. We are robbing our boys the chance at the opportunity.

Do you think Nisky would won if they had to go through SE before Syo. Or if the brackets worked its way to Nisky meeting Syo first then do yo think they would have beat SE. I don't!