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Victor was the more balanced team period. They exposed Wm weak points,
attack & f/o. WM fogo's were overmatched. WM lost 80% at the X....just like the 21 other teams Victor beat this year....tip your cap to this kid, he is awesome. For WM to win this game, they had to play an almost perfect game. Too many unforced TO's. These TO's are magnified when you
are on the wrong end of the 80% FO battle. Victor D was too strong/athletic for the WM attack. WM couldn't win their matchups.
The better team won.
Good news is WM brings back a ton of talent in 2017.

Agreed, WM has been in the position of losing 80 present at x in a few other games, but managed to win the game. WM had a great start in this game but seemed to start slowing down and making mistakes the second half. Defense had a tough time controlling Victor, they just couldn't keep up. Next year They are losing two key players, and need to get stronger at X. Will see how they adjust. Next year the strong teams will be:

Any others I'm forgetting?

What about WI? Are they bringing back a lot of players? You can never count them out in my book.

This was supposed to be the year for WI, they graduated a lot of talent, gonna be a tough year for them.