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Typical Syosset Lacrosse fans. If you don't win its got to be the coaches fault.
John Calabria and his coaches do a great job, but they don't have sticks and don't play the game.
Sometime the players don't play as well as they can.
Sometimes the other team is just more talented or plays better
Get over it. Syosset can't win every big game,
Imagine what the disgruntled Syosset parents would have ranted if they were undefeated Patriot fans beaten by the Giants in the super bowl
The community should be proud since Calabria took over the program and if they don't remember what the program was like before he started became the head coach
Praise sports for the experiences and opportunity they provide the students, and the hard work the coaching staff puts in to help them achieve their goals
Stop being so critical of the coaches at Syosset, or the excellent , hard working, coaches elsewhere for that matter, because the players lost a game
Someone always has to lose
You just can't blame the coach each time

"players lost the game" Said like true a-hole Coach... Ugh, this is the very attitude that people hate in a Coach. A good Coach praises his players when he wins, He takes responsibility when they lose... It's called leadership. WOW.

Unless you're Dom Starsia.