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Just an observation..I really thing putting in the paper the leading scorers is almost a joke in HS lacrosse. Most kids seem to score a lot of goals against weaker teams and try to pad their own stats . It's sad but in no way to me indicates who the better players are. Nothing worse then seeing someone score over 5 goals in a game and maybe have one assist and the team wins by 8-15 goals in a game. At the end of the year you see the kid with over 40 goals and a limited amount of assists but in the big games against the good teams they are either shut out or score very little in comparison. I understand the kids being selfish but the coaches should either pull their kids out or tell them to pass it to their teammates . Jus my opinion and I'm sure some will agree and many will disagree

Completely agree with your post. Not to take away from some really good players but it is a joke. What's worse is when you look at their teams weak schedule and see a player put up 8 goals, 6 goals, 5 goals. Then they play someone decent and he has none. They should post the players SOG also. That's where the real story is told. That being said it is high school lacrosse and you play who is in front of you. It sure does help when your head coach likes to pad his wins with a weak schedule.