I post the statement on the coach should also be held accountable. Yes totally agree this lies on the kids, thye are off the team no question, all I'm saying is the coach has to take some responsiblity here. It is his team, his kids, this is HS they should know better, but something has to be done. I understand that at least one of the kids has similar trouble in football and the lax coach is also the football coach common on, he has to take some fault here. But kids are gone, no way they can be back on the team. No the teachers is not responsilble for a kid falling, but if a kid is struggling he better make sure he/she is doing everything he/she can do to help that kid, unless the student jsut does not give a crap, than no that lies on the student. Trust me I'm a educated and there are alot of teachers who jsut don't car and put the time. I take it to me to make sure I do my best to make sure every student can pass the their test and some students need more. If there is trouble on a team than who takes the reponsiblity.