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Um any games yesterday of note? today, tomorrow, this weekend. As for parents--worry about your own parenting and kids first and the coach/program and supervision when the kids are beyond you watch well after that. Your job to lay the foundation...

a few noteable upstate games
Fayetteville w
Casanovia wins of West genee
Dewitt won and has a few good ones coming up

No real LI surprise Pequa over prt
Hauppauge is a looker

LP A takes Somers B in OT (along with JJ all 4-1)

today some good some ugly

Sachem v Quot
North baby v Riverhead
Hills east v Smith W

Elepahnt in the room game
Carey v GC (very interesting)

Stat watch!!! Lots of stat padding games.
Who is playing Longwood, Brentwood, Pat-Med, Middle country and Copaigue.

GC JV beats Carey easily