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My heart goes out to their parents. They are the ones who truly know exactly what is at stake.

I am a city kid who moved to LI to give my children a better life. Lacrosse is a part of that life. It is because of lacrosse that my son is attending a phenomenal school -- he will graduate and get a tremendous job -- all while playing the game he loves.

I am sure those parents lectured their sons about the dangers of drugs, drinking, bullying, texting while driving, unprotected sex, the list goes on.....

However, their sons are boys. No matter how many school assemblies they attended, how many times they saw stories on the news, they did not believe they would be caught --- why??? Because they are just boys.

I am not making excuses. I am not condoning their actions. I believe they should have consequences.

I am sad for their parents. I am sure, they are loosing sleep over this.

Well said!