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The head coach at GC runs the GC PAL and travel program, the kids pay more to play on the towns travel teams than most travel teams. There are at least two travel teams in each age group up to 7th grade. In 7th grade and higher there is one team. The A teams as they are called are typically coached by paid guys who the head coach picks. It is a huge cash cow. Not saying it is not run right but huge money for these guys. Where they are way wrong is not allowing kids to play on travel teams as well and do the best they to play both, without getting kicked off the GC team. Some of the better kids can play on a top travel team, play against some of the best talent in their respective grade and get very good lacrosse experience. The travel teams typically carry 23 kids at over $1800 so those kids better get somewhat equal playing time or else! Lets face it there are no towns that 23 let alone 5-6 top kids so if you are one of the kids with more talent you cannot play a travel with other top talented kids and you must play on the town team and share the same play time with some kids that might never play on the varsity team. Just don't seem right but many are unsure to leave the town team because they may have to play the guy who runs the progam in high school.

Not sure where you got your information about the program but most of it is inaccurate. Try again.