Sorry here is my yearly rant... Maybe some changes can take place at Turning Stone this year. Sorry if my request takes time away from your gambling! Which asks the question why would a NY State School/Educational organization like NYSPHSAA have a conference at a casino??? on The Tax payers dime!

Here's my rant...

Am I the only one who gets twisted when I see how the brackets get laid out for the NY State Championships.

Don't get me wrong I love that you have a Long Island Champ, but why not have that same opportunity also be for State champ. We are effectively giving participation slots out by playing/seeding the championships by geography.

Have a true Champions format having the weakest sects play the strongest. How can Ct and NJ do it. Not to sure How PA does it but they are just as big

Come on for Class B, Upstate 2 games in for the state playoff could be. Messina vs Dewitt, then Dewitt vs Vestal or Horsehead.

Meanwhile the LI teams play Sect 8 vs Sect 11 then most likely go to play Sect 1. In B at least there are 11 sections why are the top 4 playing each other the first 2 rounds!!!

The sectional games within Sect 8 or 11 would have be more competitive than the State games between sect 3/4/10.

Why not play in a ranking system. Highest plays lowest.

That's like asking Dewitt to Victor in the first round. EVERY FLUKING YEAR... Why not, they are neighboring sections!!! I am sure neither want that. But thats okay, have Sect 8 and 11 beat each other up to advance... to play what is another top 4 section in sect 1

Whats the issue, budgetary come on make a trip out of it. At the very least if travel time is a factor figure it out its not to hard. You are effectively giving teams a pass to the next round that wouldn't otherwise get out of round 1 in a true playoff format.

Why does Sect 1 get the pass of playing Sect 9. Why does Sect 3 get the pass and play sect 10.

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