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WM coach just wants to win. He is going to play the best kids while also building for the future. most of the 9th/10th kids were all kids that didn't listen to the "one town one team" nonsense and went and played club lacrosse at a much higher level than 3V or WM could offer. their skill sets are much higher, they play at a much faster pace and the results are obvious. That is why D1 schools have verbally committed to many of them. This is a skill game.... most of them don't even play for Patriot Elite and there is no ill will from coaches...He is playing the kids that don't pay him over the ones that do....Coach wants to win and is playing his best at this point. also a very young team so next year and year after the team will be loaded with high level, club players and very experienced kids playing. Senior class this year is not as strong as in past. Watch out NYS, we are coming!
You are correct. The coach is playing the kids he believes can help the team win, which is exactly what he should be doing regardless of where they play summer ball. None of us are at practice every day and see what they see. What I do take exception to is you making this a town vs. club thing. WM does have a good group of young players that have played club but only two have made contributions to this team so far during game days, so calm down with how great they are until you have a bigger sample size. There are many committed players on the team. Some have played club and some have not and they can all play at a high level. They are all playing together and can all contribute if they play as a team. Stop pushing the club is better than town agenda. It's old at this point.