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I'm a CSH Dad, not Mom, and I love my pastels and there was nothing pompous about my post, I was responding to a pompous post from a typical Syo parent...don't pat yourself on the back too hard, you'll fall through your a$$.

Syo Dad here - CSH and Syo are very evenly matched teams both on the field (one goal game) and a few obnoxious parents off the field - yes CSH won the regular season game (as did LV against CSH) and I do not doubt that if they played 10 times it would be 5 - 5 but now IMHO there really should be no more conversation about SYO v CSH - it is Nassau V Suffolk and I will be rooting just as hard for CSH and GC as I will be for the Braves - lets go 3-0 in the LIC #516rules