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Ward Melville 13-5 over Connetquot for Suffolk A Championship

WM a top notch team. They deserved to win. Quot had parents yelling to take kids off the field. They have talent - wish they had the coaching.

Quot team parents-

Like all teams losing a game, some parents get frustrated and perhaps say things in the heat of the moment they wouldn't otherwise say. For the most part, quot parents were well behaved (as were WM parents), but there is always one or two (on every team) that yell and scream that the refs are making bad calls, this kid or that kids isn't hustling, the other team is cheating, put my son in, coaching from the bleachers...

we have all seen this behavior 100dreds of times throughout the course of our boys playing this great game since PAL. Forget it and move on.

Hats off to Quot for a great season, hats off to WM likewise.

Up next WM v SYO for LIC. Let's just hope for a good competitive game with well behaved parents.

---let's try and avoid the red cups in the parking lot and enjoy the moment on the biggest stage that most of these boys will ever see. Don't spoil it with loud mouth crude behavior because you had one too many in the parking lot before the game.


Proud, respectful, WM parent

Well said. I was at the game last night and it seems like there is mutual respect from the players and coaches from both teams. As a Connetquot parent I know I will now be rooting for Melville to take it home for Suffolk County. Great group of kids they played a great game and deserve it. As for Connetquot we have come a long way. We cant wait for next season and that is a good thing, as there have been many seasons that we were not able to say that.