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does anyone care about what's going on in Manhasset.....enough is enough with the favoritism and nepotism Coach's son on the first middy line that never comes off the field... People complaining about the attack scoring too many goals and never coming off the field. The only reason for that is so the first middy line can try and have some meaningful production...which,other than the UNC commit, they don't! There is minimal production...and only against inferior teams! Look at the facts and not anyone's opinion....can't hide the facts. Has anyone ever seen a man up squad that can't score?? and yet is in every time? The members of man up and players who have seen the field this season and past seasons are the result of favoritism and nepotism. Coach's son , and friends, loyal team 32 paying customers and sons of employee coaches of team
32...so is this pay to play at a public high school..... Second and Third attack and middy lines have barely hit the field this season. Not acceptable Manhasset. Where is the privilege of being a senior and putting in the hard work for 4 years? We have heard that the best kids are on the field??? Not according to the numbers!!! School board and administration must investigate and take action. Need more people to write letters....anonymous is the only way because as we all have seen, those that complain are severely punished. It is terrible that the administration allows this....you want the players to play for the team? You need a coach who coaches for the team! and now...when you thought it couldn't possibly get worse...the freshman son and his friends etc. have been brought up to varsity...playing over seniors! you just can't make this up. it is OUTRAGEOUS and a conspiracy that we are allowing. Write in to the Board Members and Superintendent

good call ! this horror show of a coach has lost 37 games in the ten years he has coached this team (won 151) and only gone to the state championship game three times and actually lost once. I can not understand how he still has a job.
Hmmm. This was first posted at 10:57. Your post is 11:44. Kudos to you on your incredible efficiency at looking up and breaking down the 10 years of wins and losses.

I'm confused as to why a freshman playing over a senior is such an issue. If the freshman is a better athlete than he/she should get the time
Sounds like BC updated his resume and is circulating it! Likely at the college level..