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I have a son on the team. I did not know anything about this till last night so I asked him what happened last week. He told me JC did not take uniforms away as punishment. These specific uniforms are distributed before the game and collected after the game whenever they are used. The kids know this ahead of time. Some kids did not have something to change into after they got back to school. I asked my son what did he wear home and he said sweats that he kept in his locker. He also told me some of the boys thought it would be funny to go home in their UW and others were just lazy and did not want to change. The point is that it was not done to punish or humiliate. The uniforms were collected inside the school after they got off bus. They did not ride home in their UW. They were not paraded around or shamed, however there are some parents, like every district on LI, who have an axe to grind who made a complaint. Error in judgment by the coach. Yes probably, but to be fired over it seems extreme. You have to remember that these kids are on the verge of becoming young men. We ask these coaches to help guide them into young adulthood. I do not think the coach should have to remind them like they are in 2nd grade to bring a post game change of clothes. BTW my son is not a starter so with or without JC in Syosset I have nothing to gain or lose by writing this. I do know it is the boys who have worked hard this year who will suffer if he is removed over a mistake being blown entirely out of proportion.

The point is that at least 1 boy was forced to leave school in his underwear who was embarrased by it... that's one too many. NOT all joked, not all thought it was funny and it was irresponsible for the coach to put any young man in that situation.