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In the 2024 bracket, most of the better teams have a few holdbacks but these holdbacks won’t play in the WSYL tournament (too old). However, the teams won’t cut them because they want these older holdbacks for next year when age doesn’t matter. Only WSYL checks birth dates.

The problem gets worse in the recruiting years for these teams. They dump most of the on-age kids to take lots of holdbacks and a few connected kids (friends and family of coaches and directors). The teams will do anything to show that they are elite & recruiting powerhouses and this means taking one or two year holdbacks.


We all know top teams flooded with holdbacks. Teams aren't too bashful about it though it is an ugly little mark they prefer no one inspect. 7th grade year funny with WSYL means teams bench holdbacks for a few months, scramble for on-age talent if they didn't plan well, and then go back to holdbacks for 8th.

WSYL is best way to prove which teams are the best in many ways. PT has proven they can thrive no matter what, and so have Preds now. Eclipse very year-to-year. Express North last year showed that were a whole other team without older kids. 2Way older teams all prep holdbacks but younger teams flounder.

2way can’t field a 2024 WSYL team with its current roster.
The dirty secret is the team is mostly holdbacks.

It is not a secret. There is tryout for 2way ws team. It will be the 3 of age 24’s, kids from 2way north and the 25’s that are holdbacks. Age doesn’t matter in this sport. Sooner everyone accepts that the better.