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LIE North has the best Coaches in Westchester:

Entire Iona Prep staff
Savastano brothers,
Suno Hill
Tom Regan &
Chris Schreiber

Can't find anything better in Westchester.

Then we are all very glad that your son plays for the LIE North.

I think the coaching staffs at almost every club have good names and people who are doing great things.

Predators have the head coach of Fordham Prep and Yorktown legends.
PrimeTime has the head coach of Greenwich HS, Byram Hills, former Scarsdale etc...
T91 Tristate has Mike Bocklett head coach of Purchase
HOS has Ned Crotty, head coach of CW Post, head coach of Stepinac and Nyack
Top Side has head coach of Eastchester

There are head coaches coaching club teams in all programs which is great for the sport in the area. Again, worry about who is coaching YOUR sons team and not what people consider "big names" just because they are able to coach superior talent.