When looking at younger teams, find a program with a coach who you know will get the most out of your son.

No one is getting recruited before the 2019 year, so why parents think they need to go with a "big name" club is beyond me. Don't get me wrong, a good deal of "big name" clubs have great coaches at the younger levels as well, but a lot of time you can find great coaches at a lot of clubs.

Also, the final score of your son's 2023 game doesn't necessarily mean he isn't getting better. Is the 18th kid on the best 2023 team getting the same experience as the 6th 2023 kid on a "lower level" club? That is for you to decide.

Rule of thumb...if you think your kid is just being used as a roster filler...it might be best to explore another program. It's your money.