First tourney of the summer - relax. Surely many teams missing key kids as state playoffs still going on in the area. Primetime and Express North 2018s are both very good and have for a while. Both 2019 squads were competitive (PT way more so than last year) - North made the last two finals last summer. Let's just let the rest of the season play out.

One thing is for sure watching 18s and 19s - the best teams are still the best, but the group of top teams is more tightly bunched than ever. [/quote]

Does LI Express North have any players from Yorktown? I am assuming they do and they were in the NYS finals on Saturday. These kids probably haven't practiced together since last Fall. Relax. [/quote]

Yes more than a few Yorktown kids, but you knew that!

as far as PT, someone's comment was they were better than LY. Did they get any better from the fall? [/quote]

Obviously. My point was made. [/quote]

Did PT 2019 get any better than then in the fall? [/quote]

Primetime 2019 looked very mediocre last weekend in PA. They beat one team that I saw. PT lost to 3D tristate and Express North destroyed 3D Tristate. That about sums up the weekend.