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Roy is no doubt a great coach but as the parents on the PT 2024 team dealt with this past season, it was a bad experience. Whenever a parent/coach is involved with the team, like Roy was as head coach, it creates friction. Many parents left because they felt his son got more playing time than deserved. It’s a good lesson for everyone when evaluating a club team, even if the father is not a coach for his son’s team but on the payroll should raise red flags.

as a parent on the pt 2024 , I must disagree, playing time across the board was pretty equal in terms of minutes, that said, Roy was not shy about dictating where the ball should go when his son was on the field, at the expense of the team, this comes down to checks and balances. Assistant coaches were pretty vocal behind the scenes regarding this issue. Daniello seems very blinded about this , quite frankly, no dads should be coaching AA travel team with their sons - we lost some good players this year because of Roy