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Eclipse dad, I think you may be a bit blinded by the beautiful landscaping in New Canaan. In my opinion - In 2019, Chargers are a shell of their former self. Eclipse is a good team but not even close to Express North. I wouldn't go pounding your chest about tying LIE B team, beating Laxucheuttes C team and winning 5-4 over a team thrown together for the tournament(Team 11). Eclipse are similiar to Predators at 2019. Some elite players, some good players with great coaching. In 2018 - Prime Time and Express North are superior. In 2017, Eclipse and Predators are best of bunch in CT and Westchester. Good luck to everyone this weekend in PA, MA and MD.

I guess thats why they play the games...we will see who can hang and who cant. Would be surprised if Chargers 2019 are a "shell" given a few of their studs that as far as I know are still there, but I haven't seen them play in a while.

And for the record there was no "chest pounding" about the teams that Eclipse 2019 beat this weekend. Clearly stated before that the competition at 2019 was watered down vs the other grades. Although that didnt stop Deluca from watching the Eclipse/Team11 2019 game pretty much all the way thru.......must have been something he was interested in from either these "not top tier" or "thrown together" teams. Given the choice, I think i'd rather have Harvard watching my kid play in MA, than Maryland or Denver watching somewhere else.

And thank you, the view is beautiful here this time of year smile