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Is there not an inherent conflict of interest between Express LI and North? at the same age level, how can the Express organization get both teams into the best tournaments? I grant you that so far it appears that they've been successful, but isn't that only because the Express North 2018 team is very good and the means by which they are growing the Express North product offering. It would seem Younger Express North teams may be at a disadvantage. There are only limited spots in the best tournaments. Thoughts?

Conflict of interest because they share the same name? They are 2 different teams serving 2 different geographical locations. If they are both good teams and can compete at a high level why shouldn't they be able to play in the same tournaments? The higher level tournaments want strong teams, they aren't going to say no to one Express team for a lower level team just so they don't have 2 teams with the same name.

The North 2018, 2019 and 2023/24 teams all had great summers, I don't think conflict of interest will be a problem.