Having played the sport at the college level does make a you little more atuned to what's going on the field when it comes to your kid. Essentially at some point or another, I've had to deal with conflict and I can tell you that Daddy Ball exists at the youth level but not so much when you move up grades.

When you get to high school and college, if you're good you'll move right past it and it will be a blip in the big picture. Lucky for me, I had the best high school and college coaches. I keep in touch with them frequently and have the most respect for them. They believed in me, put theirselves on the line for me and because of that, I love the game and want to give that same experience to my kid.

My advice to people dealing with daddy ball is to get out of it, your kid knows what's up and it's not helping his game and probably infuriates the parent and believe me the kids feel that stress