when one person or group of people controls youth, travel and high school , that is not a good situation. its very simple common sense . travel programs run by hs coaches have been a huge issue with people for years . it can destroy the chemistry needed for these boys and girls to win at the hs level collectively as a team especially when 1/3 of any given grade plays for one program, and 1/3 another etc etc. loyalty lies with the travel program at the expense of the HS. different travel swag in school or on the fields, almost like little gangs of kids instead of everyone wearing their school swag . Lax powerhouses like Garden City, Victor, and Yorktown are and have always been great because it starts at the bottom and they try and build a town culture of Lacrosse. Travel lacrosse in general creates a "ME" attitude because its about recruiting, but to win consistently as a team, you need chemistry .