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Primetime ranked 8th in the wsyl pre season rankings, 5th in the region out of 6 spots leaves express north, igloo, shore to shore 2 way and predators fighting for the 6th spot -

How many ineligible holdbacks are on Preds, 2Way and Express N?

My ranking for that 6th spot
Igloo- not sure it they are a hold back org or not.
Preds- 1-2 max. Just lost to BBL 14 year old 2024 team 4-3.
EN- Have a few but not many. One of their top players is 2 days ineligible.
2way- too many to count and didnt do well at Blatant against top teams
S2S- Should not be on that list at all. The Vikings team is an average A team at best