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Lets stop with the horse [lacrosse] that Schreiber committed kids......the kids committed themselves, along with their parents and HS coaches. He trys to sell that BS to unknowing parents like a snake oil salesman. Committed means nothing more then going to college, he trys to make it sound like they have scholarships which isn't the case, they are verbals which really mean nothing until they get the right SAT/ACT scores and a good GPA. 95+% of those kids would have gotten into those schools from any other program. Stop drinking the Kool Aid......

While it's true that the talent of the players is ultimately what gets them into a college I think that you are down playing the role of the coach or club director. You need to be on a competitive team that attends competitive tournaments and with a coach/director who has the right connections to get the colleges interested and help facilitate the commitments of their players.

There are 3 players from a CT town who played for a club team in the area but were not happy so they all moved together to Express North. Within a year of joining their competitive team with a connected coach/director they were all committed. Coincidence? I don't think so.