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PT had well over 100 kids tryout for 2019 team.....

....Many parents not too happy with the amount of kids that showed up and in long run it hurts a progroam in my opinion.

More kids at tryouts indicates there is more interest and competition for spots. That generally favors the overall quality of the team if they have strong coaching (a big if).

Some parents may not like it because their kid may not get the call.

Welcome to the world of competitive club lacrosse. It is not always pleasant and there are plenty of 'life lessons' to be had.

I think it came off as more of a money grab. They know only 4 maybe 5 spots will turnover and they see 124 kids sign up for the tryout. You can build brand equity by sending an email stating a high number of kids trying out for limited spots. In a perfect world at least.

Did they take the best of the hundred.