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A good football team doesn't necessarily mean if those kids decided to play lacrosse they would be automatically good. Look at a powerhouse football program like New Rochelle. It's not easy to just give a kid in high school a stick, no matter how good of an athlete he is, and expect him to be able to adapt to the speed and decision making being made at the top of Sec 1. Maybe in the 80's and 90's this was more plausible, but the sport has grown tremendously.

I hear ya (So you want to rule out Lourdes Pearl River and Eastchester) but what about Wappinger's? I find it very intriguing!

Where do the catholics fall in Westchester Lax. Iona Stepinac. Ill go to your if you are a good football school it may not translate into lax for Stepinac. I almost forgot Kennedy, I guess they are hoping your football comment is correct.