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only a matter of time where town lax dies across the board. Kids and parents want to play with and against the best kids . The current offering of spring tourneys is a much better use of time and money. Travel programs in places like Long Island are playing 3-4 spring tourneys and 5 summer Plus they play all winter and fall. Only matter of time before westchester follows. And town as we know it will die. All the directors , Pt, eclipse, superstars. Express north etc should create a winter/spring league similar to Maryland and play each other Stop worrying about losing kids and do what's right in the big picture, which is getting these kids playing together as a team as much as possible. Let rec be rec 200 dollars. Dad coaches etc.

These better kids all started out in their Town programs. Get rid of the town programs and you get rid of the next generation of players. And if you keep the Town programs, but the top kids don't play, than the next level of athlete is less interested, and there will be a trickle down effect that will lead to the Town programs dying a slow death. The Town programs are the lifeblood of the sport and need to be maintained and populated with the best kids. A spring travel league can easily be organized without canabailizing the Town programs. Just play games at times that don't conflict with the Town schedules.

Also, there are still a ton of good athletes playing only Town lacrosse because they focus more on other sports and don't have the time, money and/or interest in playing travel. These players often become key players on good HS teams, and need to be playing Town with the top lax-centric athletes.