Obviously it's not one irate parent it's a few irate parents. So you cant really pinpoint one parent here. The truth is the truth. The people protecting himon this thread are his friends but if you look at all the comments people are coming out of the woodwork about bad experiences with the guy. I know one guy who said Roy came up to him and said you want to know why you kid doesn't play? It's because he stinks. Look if these kids made the team in the first place they don't stink. And who says that to a parents face after they just paid him to instruct his son. So no a lot of people dont like him and that's not being irate that's a fact. Ask around. Talk to parents in CT who had experience with him. Talk to people who worked for him. Former MLL guy Tommy P and trainer Larry as well as many other people who had serious conflicts. I think what you are seeing on this thread is that parents have had enough. It doesn't look like one irate parent not to hard to see that