Preds does fine with recruiting. They have their own show case that is successful which keeps the Pred's name in front of college coaches and allows Preds coaches to network with college coaches. Preds coaches are well connected and support their players in the recruiting process. They are also a great source of information to parents and players. If their player is good enough, they can generally get that player into the better individual showcases. The best thing about Preds is their coaching. Kids coming out of that program have received great coaching. They know the game well, are coachable, know what it means to be a team player and what it takes to play at the college level. College coaches know that.

If your child is good enough though, college coaches will find him. Have your kids play for the team that gives them the most joy. That way they will come to love the game and excel at it. If they don’t love the game, they won’t succeed at the college level. College lacrosse is a lot of hard work and sacrifice. There is little time for anything other than lacrosse and school.

Father of a Preds D-1 lax player.