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Eclipse 2017,2018 & 2019 went a strong 7-1-1 at Legacy. Only loss was to a strong PT 2018 6-4. Their teams are full of D1 commits. Just shows how strong lax is north of LI.

No it doesn't!

Although you did well at a tournament that doesn't necessarily show how strong you are. North 2019 running the table shows how strong they are, everything is relative!

Result is misleading - Eclipse 2018 and 2017 are in fact loaded. 2019 not so much - struggling both last summer and this past weekend and not playing the field that was at Boys Latin.
Every program has different strong ages - Superstar is leaving theirs once the strong Ridgefield teams graduate, younger ages not good (all the early HS kids now play for North). Eclipse is new as well, good owners and coaches...has promise but is not deep at all ages out of the box.

The 2017 Eclipse team is pretty much lights-out. I havent seen a better 2017 team anywhere so far. Eclipse 2018 strong as well, and also improving (not to mention they were missing two of their studs this past weekend too). I know 2019 has made number of changes from last year, and should be much improved this year given a few of their additions....2019 was 2-0-1 last weekend (albeit not against the same top-10 level competition that was down at BL), and the one tie was their first game of the day.....not bad for a team that I dont think has had a single practice together this fall, and had several newcomers. For the 2019 age group in CT/WChst, the talent is pretty evenly spread around between Eclipse, Chargers, and LIE N, so all three of those teams are strong, but not sure any of the 3 would be viewed as dominant at the top national level. LIE N may have the first 2019 commit (and to a great school at that), but both Chargers and Eclipse have kids of that same level talent that are getting similar early d1 interest.

And really, at the end of the day, does it matter to anyone other than SOME of the players Dads' who wins a 2-goal game? I would bet you that the Ivy and NESCAC coaches I saw on the sidelines of the games last weekend in MA couldnt tell you today who won the Eclipse/PT 2018 game or the Eclipse/Team11 2019 game. I want my kid to play on a team where he gets good coaching (club doesnt just focus on their 3 studs per class) to improve his game, goes to the right tournaments to get exposure to good competition and maybe a look from a few college coaches, has a coach who can advocate for him when he needs it with a college coach or an individual showcase director, and most importantly, a team where he actually enjoys playing with his teammates. My $.02 anyway.