I am not sure the BS some are trying to spin. Ct athletes are as old asTexas athletes. I will say one thing I mistakenly left off my Op was Wilton, the town with most older athletes.

I also believe there was a follow up stating the older students did do better academically. And the second study targets these areas where the 1:4 are holdbacks are the athletes. Where many go private making it 1:8 are "red shirting" I like to call it "blue shirting" because money really isn't involved.

So, a graduating class of 500, 60 are holdbacks and 70% are athletes. 42 kids, just breaking it 50/50; 20 per gender on avg per grade. (Although it is higher among males). Split amount across 3 sports, at least 12 older kids per team (rounded down). How many do you carry per team? And you tell me?

I will say it is what it is, but I always applaud that younger kid who breaks through and plays with the big boys. Not that 16 year old 9th grader. But that 13 year old no matter the conference!

Good luck to all of the boys out there, remember off season is what makes the post season.