Some things seen at SUNY-Purchase tryouts for lower Westchester clubs last weekend pertaining to 2022/2023/2024 ... (note- assembled from some local parents):
Predators had some great numbers and organization. Around 50 players for 2023 and 2022 on day 1. Many coaches and evaluators including older team stars. Some real talent out there. Could easily field 2 decent teams per age group.
91 Tri-State had less kids than Predators but organized, many coaches on hand. Setting up dedicated 2023 and 2024 teams after split squad. 2023 talent way less than Predators but many clubs will be in that boat.
2Way had less numbers than Predators and 91, not as organized and not many coaches or staff evaluating. Could not tell grades apart, all mixed together, so that upset parents. Several younger players also were at 91 or Predators. Talent very mixed.
No word on Topside or Express North or PT.
Overall, the impressions seem to mirror the comments on this board ... Predators very strong, 91 building, 2Way not major player.