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Here is a question. Why would anyone want to play on a second team in any age bracket when you still could go to Predators, warriors and 91 TS? Once your a B player, it's tough to break that

From a personal standpoint, I would say it depends upon the player. My oldest would never want to play on a second team, so we would decline and try to secure a spot on another team which was the first (or only) team for that organization. Our second son though is not the same level skill-wise OR drive-wise, and is quite happy playing on any team simply for the experience and the camaraderie.

Of course, not every family is willing/able to play $3-4K to play on a second team merely for the benefit of camaraderie.

Some will bank on the slim chance that there is an injury on the top team and hope their son might get pulled up, which may sway them toward the second team for Express North, while others may feel like their son will get better development from potentially practicing with the top team (assuming top and second teams practice together) which would not happen at Preds, Warriors or 91 Tri-state.

Timing is also a factor, with LIEN down payments due tomorrow ($800 - not cheap) but other tryouts not even scheduled to begin until later (Press earliest I believe which is next weekend). Clubs are well aware, hence they Friday deadline with a hefty down payment. Unless you are 100% confident you will get a spot, you are likely to commit, even if unhappy, which Schreiber is well aware of.

Some on the top teams may be able to get an extension, but many will not be able to as I am told there are many players who have not been notified yet, which could mean they are not getting a spot at all but could also mean they are being put aside as "backup" for players who are higher on the depth chart in case they bail.

I agree that it depends on the player, but it also depends on the team. The "second" team at one organization may be better (better coaching, players, tournaments, etc) than the top, or sole, team at another organization. Or maybe it isn't. Each team will be different. Parents shouldn't worry about whether a team is the second team at an organization. They should just vet the team vs other options for their kid. If the second team is the best option, than that is the direction they should go. But I do not think that a team's status as a "second" team, in and of itself, means anything.