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Below is a bunch scores noted from the board at Yale:

PT beat 3D Tristate 4-2
TGNecks beat PT 7-1
91 Crush beat Chargers 16-1
Express N beat Superstar 8-2
91 Crush beat Preds 13-1
91 Crush beat NH tomahawks 6-3

Fixed the PT v 3d TS score. 2020 PT, 3d, and Preds are all evenly matched.

At Yale, Tomahawks were the class of their bracket eventually losing to Crush in the final. Gave the Crush a decent game and not the usual 'walk over' to which Crush are accustomed. Congrats to them.

PT beat 3d, 3d beat the 'Necks, and the 'Necks beat PT. Rankings went down to goals allowed which resulted in... 2nd-Necks, 3rd-3d, 4th-PT. Good competition all day.

3d and Preds played at Harvard with 3d winning by one goal. Again, very evenly matched. Could go either way. So you have three teams who have faced off against each other and the games have been roughly even.

The Express North was placed, or choose to participate, in the lower bracket at Yale so it is very difficult to determine where they fit. They did win two tourneys on LI with relative ease, but those were primarily against town teams so the jury is still out. Similarly we don't really know much about Eclipse although they were invited to Denver last year. Hopefully they will add even more to the mix.

2020 in Westchester/CT is and will continue to be very competitive and I'm sure they all will win and lose to each other because I don't see any team with 'all the pieces'.

Potentially there are as many as five teams that can play with each other. That is great for the development of the kids as long as the teams don't dodge each other like some teams on LI do.