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Have heard good things about both 2 way and preds but could anyone tell me if they compete against the so called A clubs in CT/Long island? I don't see them much at the competitive tourneys.

Both clubs tend to be pretty good but not as concerned with following model of teams like PT, Eclipse, Express etc. that play in same tourneys and league, rely on holdbacks, really push to create college recruits. Both will pop up at random LI "A" tourneys but then some random one in NJ or something. Think they go where they want as long as the players are happy and aren't too concerned with outside noise. They brag about being elite or competing against the best like everyone else. But also could change as these programs grow and if they want to challenge for things like WSYL.

As for competing versus A clubs in CT, only Eclipse would count as "A" in using LI terms. Maybe new Express Westport. Preds and 2Way if defined as "B" would beat every other club in CT in most grades.